Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can place your order over the phone by calling  844-557-2015 Monday - Friday 10AM - 4PM EST.
You may make corrections to your order anytime during preshipment. If your order has been shipped you can follow the exchange policy to send back your items.  If your items have not been shipped yet please call 844-557-2015 to make the changes
We recommend consulting your Doctor and waiting at least 6 weeks post operation to wear your shapewear.
We recommend consulting your Doctor and waiting at least 6 weeks post cesarean to wear your shapewear.

If you have a longer torso we recommend looking at our collection of vests they are just as effective and extend 2-3 inches lover to cover your entire abdomen.

Full Coverage Vest

Clip and Zip Vest

Full Coverage Sports Vest

Two In One Vest

Waist Training  using our garments is completely safe. Killer Kurves products are made of natural materials and also have flexi boning so you can move comfortably.
Hand wash your garment and hang to dry only. You can also wipe the garments down with antibacterial or alcohol wipes.
When your Waist Trainer no longer feel like its compressing you on the last latch and begins to slide and move around it is no longer effective and its time to size down
Diet and exercise is the key to living a healthy life style. Diet and exercising while waist training will speed up the process and you will see amazing results. Eating clean and being active will also accelerate weight loss while waist training. If you are not active consistency is key, wear your  Waist Trainer for at least 8 hours a day to assure results.

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